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Our thoughts and opinions on what makes Delta, different. We’re proud of the Delta Difference: We recognize that investing in our employees is an investment in the customer experience and ultimately, a stronger Delta.

Union Organizing Update

February 20, 2020

A Message From Allison Ausband

We’ve heard from many of you that that the Association of Flight Attendants-Communication Workers of America (AFA-CWA) and/or the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) have been active in lounges and layover hotels and are increasing their emails, phone calls and unsolicited text messages asking you to sign an authorization card. While the decision to sign an a-card is yours and we respect that right, know that it is an important choice. Losing our direct relationship will change your career forever.

This is the AFA’s fourth attempt to organize here in 20 years, and the IAM has been trying to organize since 2012. It’s not surprising that our flight attendants continue to be targeted. There is a great deal of income for unions to gain. And make no mistake, the $15M plus in the forced collection of annual dues is the sole reason AFA and IAM continue to cause division and disruption in your workplace.

As the AFA and IAM continue their efforts, you’ll be hearing a lot more from us on this topic, both on the Delta Difference site (thedeltadifference.net) and app and in other IFS communications. It is our responsibility to provide you with the facts, so please remain engaged to ensure you have all the information – not just misleading soundbites, tweets or a distorted version of historical facts – to make an educated choice as there is virtually no return to non-union status if an election is held and AFA or IAM is certified as your representative.

There is no perfect company, but I challenge you to find any other company in the world that has accomplished what we have together. In my 35 years at Delta – from the late 80s and early 90s flying as a flight attendant, to the many years I worked as an IFS leader, to today – I have personally experienced how our culture of openness and engagement sets us apart. There is nothing better that prioritizes the unique voices of our flight attendants and the track record is proof.

For the last 80 years, Delta flight attendants have chosen to remain different. I am proud of this history and look forward to continuing our shared legacy of working directly together.


Watch Ranjan talk about our latest initiatives: soft seat blocking and pilot commands.


This very first of Delta’s Rules of the Road has been a foundation of our company, beginning with Delta founder C.E. Woolman. More than ninety years later, ensuring the safety of our people and customers remains our paramount responsibility. Two recently launched initiatives — soft seat blocking and new pilot commands — are intended to reduce instances in which flight attendants are unable to reach a jumpseat during unexpected turbulence.


Mike Crowley shares his experience of collaborating with flight attendants and Delta people across the company to make IMCR fly.


The Delta Difference

Delta Combats Human Trafficking

Delta received an award from the United Nations for our work in combatting human trafficking.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Each October we take to the skies in pink to raise funds and awareness for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


Ranjan reflects on his first year in IFS and shares what he has learned about what it means to be a Delta flight attendant.

Delta is not just another airline.

Delta is not just another airline.

We believe that our people and our culture will continue to propel Delta to greater and greater success.

We’ll never be one size fits all.

We’ll never be one size fits all.

We try to create a work environment that values Delta people’s individuality. Union rules typically focus on “one size fits all” approaches, whereas our direct relationships allows us to recognize and value our people as individuals.

Delta values equality and balance.

Delta values equality and balance.

Union contracts prioritize seniority in almost every aspect of work rules, while Delta honors and invests in flight attendants’ careers from their first day until retirement, in order to balance the needs and desires of all flight attendants. This approach takes into account the different life conditions and responsibilities flight attendants may face at different times in their lives.

A history of direct communication.

A history of direct communication.

The decision to become represented by a third party would end the direct relationship between Delta and its employees, which has been a hallmark of the Delta Difference and our success for more than 95 years. Employees’ ability to communicate directly with leadership fosters our culture of inclusiveness and ‘working together’ to run the best airline in the world.