Culture of Collaboration

We know that our future success will be driven by our ability to tap the insights and experiences of our people, to drive a focus on innovation. This lets us nimbly work to enhance the both employee work environment and our customer experience.

Employee Involvement Groups

Delta has a long history of listening to our people on a range of issues, from ways to improve service to our customers to ways to improve our people’s own work experiences. This is a part of The Delta Difference—the ability to work together, participate in and influence business decisions.
These divisional groups represent cross-sections of frontline employees within the operating divisions and work to promote employee engagement and drive partnership with Delta’s leadership team. The end results are ideas and projects that improve the customer experience and enhance the employee experience at Delta.

Business Resource Groups Drive Change and Connection

Business Resource Groups (BRGs) are another forum for frontline employee involvement and provide networking, career development and feedback opportunities to help build an even better Delta. These groups include: ABLE (Delta employees with disabilities and allies), Adelante (Latin & Hispanic), Green Up (Environmental), Veterans (Armed Services), Working Families, EQUAL (LGBTQ), BOLD (African-American), SHE (Women), FUSION (Asia-Pacific), and GENGAGE (Multi-generational). Each of these groups help ensure that a diverse and inclusive perspective is an important component of our decision-making processes.

Delta Board Council — A Seat at the Boardroom Table

The Delta Board Council (DBC) is made up of representatives from each major operating area of the business and offers employees across the company a seat at the Boardroom table. Council members collaborate across divisions and serve as advocates on key issues affecting employees and the company. One DBC member attends every Delta board meeting to contribute feedback and important input coming directly from Delta people.


The EIG and IFS have a strong and proven track record that has resulted in
hundreds of millions of dollars in enhancements and work-life improvements
over the last 7+ years. Here are some examples:


Equally important to the number of opportunities Delta people have to provide input, is the rapid results that emerge from the feedback and ideas from the frontline.

Inclusion Forums Build Understanding

In 2016 In-Flight leadership launched a series of listening sessions in order to improve the culture of Diversity and Inclusion at Delta. A series of quarterly Forums, at which flight attendants openly shared experiences and ideas, has given birth to a cross-divisional training program, “One of Us,” which is being offered to Delta people nationwide. The forums continue each quarter, to elicit new ideas and suggestions, hone existing programs and air and share experiences among In-Flight Service. The most recent Inclusion Forum resulted in the following actions:

  • Ensure uniform changes take into account the diversity of flight attendants.
  • Increase support for mental health.
  • Infuse diversity and inclusion training into all In-Flight training curricula.
  • Increase support for addressing issues on-board the aircraft.

Fleet Summit Drove Workspace and Provisioning Changes

In May 2015, In-Flight leadership hosted a Fleet Summit to solicit flight attendant input into upgrades to aircraft interiors. A wide range of flight attendants participated and shared their requests and ideas to enhance both the customer experience and the flight attendant work environment. As a result, we reconfigured more than 150 aircraft to increase workspace for flight attendants, and we enacted procedural changes for provisioning. This summit also kicked off an ongoing protocol of involving In-Flight Service early on in the process in order to allow flight attendants’ voices to be heard in configuring aircraft.

IROP Recovery

On the heels of severe IROPs (irregular operations) in 2017, Delta instituted a formal process to gather ideas and input to speed recovery from IROPs. The in-person IROP Idea Exchange sessions and the digital IROP Improvement Idea forms helped generate a range of solutions that enhance the support flight attendants receive during IROPs, speed the recovery of the operation to reduce schedule disruptions for our people, and increase compensation when those disruptions are unavoidable.

Innovation Award Challenge

In 2019, Delta kicked off a new Innovation Award Challenge, an opportunity for all active employees to submit ideas on how to improve the customer experience. In the first two weeks alone, Delta people submitted 434 intriguing and creative ideas. From there, a group of frontline employees along with the customer insight team and global employee engagement team narrowed down the submissions to a final list of 21 to be discussed further at a live event. The winning idea was “pop-up Sky Clubs.” Runners up included in-flight game tournaments as well as automated flight status messaging for loved ones. The consumer insights team is currently testing each of these “finalist” ideas for a chance to implement and improve the customer experience.

The Hangar

The Hangar is Delta’s innovation lab, founded in 2016, which unites cross-functional teams of researchers, designers, technologists and analysts to innovate solutions to complicated problems. Through a research- and design-rich process, this tightly focused team collaborates to forge new perspectives with outsize potential effects on the business. This team has helped enable “Flight Family” cross-divisional group communication around flights, a bot for pre-selecting in-flight meals, the TravelNet mobile app for easier employee travel, a flight status dashboard for airport agents, mobile applications for sales teams and crew members and much more.