History of Success, Built Together

Delta’s success belongs to our people: Delta’s industry-leading reputation, soaring Net Promoter Score (NPS) and record profitability belong to all of us. Working directly together, throughout our 95-year history, has helped us reach our greatest accomplishments and surmount even the most difficult challenges over the years.

The Delta Care and Scholarship Fund

Whether in service to our customers or to one another, Delta people excel in caring for others—it’s part of the Delta Difference. Helping fellow employees or retirees when facing a sudden, unexpected personal crisis or providing scholarships to help somebody else realize their dream of a college degree, are just some of the ways Delta people support their colleagues. The Delta Care and Scholarship Funds Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit funded entirely by donations from employees and retirees, with an employee-led Board of Directors.

In Emergencies, Care Fund Steps In

Since 2007, Delta people have been there for each other through illnesses, accidents, fires, floods, and other natural disasters through the Care Fund, which has awarded over $1 million in grants annually since 2011 and over $3 million annually in 2017 and 2018.

Scholarship Fund Aids Lifelong Learning

Since 2008, the Delta Scholarship Fund has provided more than $1 million annually in financial aid to assist more than 4,500 individuals with their education and career goals including helping to pay off academic debt. These generous grants include the $20,000 Richard Anderson Trailblazer Award, which was initiated by employees to honor the retiring CEO, and the $10,000 C.E. Woolman Leadership Award.


Delta Air Lines is the top corporate blood donor, giving more than 13,000 pints July 2018 – June 2019. That’s really giving from the heart!

Delta People Coming Together

Part of what makes Delta, our Delta, is our commitment to one another. Delta people have a tradition of pulling together in adversity and to support one another.

In 1982, after Delta suffered financial losses, employees raised $30 million out of their own paychecks to purchase the first Boeing 767 – named “The Spirit of Delta.” At that time, the airline industry was troubled by a weak economy and high fuel prices. After 35 consecutive profitable years, Delta had posted a net loss. Against that backdrop, however, frontline employees received a raise, not a pay cut. As a way of expressing their appreciation for the company during a difficult time, Delta employees spearheaded Project 767 to raise $30 million to purchase the aircraft. The grassroots effort was led by three flight attendants and supported through combined donations from employees, retirees and friends.

In 2011, Delta chartered a Boeing 757 so that hundreds of flight attendants could attend a memorial service and donate two years’ worth of vacation days to a colleague who had suffered a personal tragedy.

In 2016, a small team of employees rallied their peers to celebrate Delta’s history and people by funding portions of an exhibit memorializing Delta’s first 747-400 at the Delta Flight Museum. Employees raised more than $600,000 through payroll deductions and initiated a years-long program, culminating in a farewell tour for the aircraft and its permanent installation.

And just recently 300 employees from around the system volunteered to staff the JFK station to allow local teams to honor a fallen colleague.

Delta, customers and employees contribute together

When customers choose Delta, they support our contributions to communities around the world. In 2018, Delta and The Delta Air Lines Foundation donated over $50 million through our airline’s commitment to give one percent of annual income to a wide range of charitable organizations. Our areas of focus include: health and wellness, education, military and veterans, sustainability, and diversity and inclusion. Delta people also actively volunteer their time and talents in many ways throughout the year, most recently through our paid day of service, which will put over 640,000 additional volunteer hours into communities across the globe.

Habitat for Humanity

Together, we’ve helped build or rehab 270 homes in 13 countries across the globe through our 20+ year partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Each year, more than 2,500 Delta employees volunteer their time and talent to offer deserving families safe, decent and affordable places to live. In 2018, Delta volunteers built five homes across U.S. cities, including Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York and Seattle, in addition to six homes in Guangzhou, China, during the annual Delta Global Build in partnership with China Eastern. This March, Delta people helped to build six homes in Recife, Brazil. In addition, we’ve been able to leverage our sustainability program to support Habitat for Humanity. Delta employees have built 11 Habitat homes funded by our Inflight Recycling Program since 2007.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Throughout October our customers see many Delta flight attendants showing their support by wearing items from the Zac Posen Pink Posy collection. October marks Delta’s annual month-long campaign to generate awareness and raise funds for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). Delta’s iconic Pink Plane carried more than 140 employee breast cancer survivors from Atlanta to San Diego this year on September 25th. Each October “Breast Cancer One,” represents Delta’s ongoing effort to support breast cancer survivors and fund BCRF’s mission to end breast cancer.

Since 2005, Delta people, customers, friends, and families have raised over $16.87 million for BCRF, contributing to 67 different research projects in that time.


Delta people teamed up to bring 85,000 pounds of supplies to storm-damaged Abaco and Grand Bahama and evacuated 500 people to Nassau in the wake of Hurricane Dorian over the course of five days.