The IAM, which represents 7,852 Southwest passenger service and reservation employees, has invoked its right to mediation with the National Mediation Board to help contract negotiations after two years of talks. Southwest’s negotiations with its mechanics union, the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association, were fraught with flight disruptions and legal disputes. Although a contract was reached, litigation is still ongoing. Early contract talks between Southwest and its pilots union are due to begin the first week of March, a spokesman for the union said.
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While the amount of profit sharing payouts are rather inconsequential to the average consumer or passenger aboard Delta, United, American or Southwest, they continue to correlate with the public’s perception of the companies. Delta continues to lead the pack in the eye of travelers when it comes to the quality of the overall experience — and especially the quality of service — an area where American, in particular, has fallen behind. Delta will be giving back nearly double what it’s nearest competitor, Southwest, gives in profit sharing, despite having 20,000 more employees that Southwest.
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The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA says it has hired a financial consultant to present a wage assessment for flight attendants based on industry standards. The union and airline have been trying to agree on costing models that determine wages since November. Negotiations between Hawaiian Airlines and the AFA began in January 2017.
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For the seventh consecutive year Delta has been named to the list of Fortune magazine’s top 50 Most Admired Companies, coming in at number 19, and has been named No. 1 on Fortune’s Most Admired Airline list for the 9th time in the past decade. The Most Admired Companies list is a ranking across industries of the world’s most respected and reputable brands as determined by surveys of thousands of executives, experts and analysts.
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“For years, I would get beaten up by Wall Street. They thought the profits were theirs, and ‘Why are you giving the profits away to the employees?’” Ed Bastian said during remarks Monday at a Cobb Chamber event at the Roxy Theatre. “Wall Street has actually come full circle, and they realize that Delta is the most awarded airline in the world because of its employees.”
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Ten years ago the Great Recession wreaked havoc across the airline industry and Delta was fighting back from multi-billion dollar losses. Now, a decade later, Delta sits atop the global airline industry. Its commitment to innovation, agility and strong partnerships has earned the company its place as the most-preferred airline for discerning business travelers.
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In continuing coverage, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Delta Air Lines “said it will be hiring pilots for crew bases in Atlanta, New York, Minneapolis, Detroit, Seattle and elsewhere.” Delta “said it’s part of a broader effort to hire more than 8,000 pilots over the next decade as pilots retire, and as the company grows with a record number of customers.”
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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported, “As ‘flight shaming’ gains steam in Europe, Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian said concern about the environmental impact of air travel is increasingly coming to the United States.” In remarks last week at Delta’s annual Investor Day, Bastian said, “Environmental stewardship is the existential threat to our future ability to grow. There’s no question about that.” Bastian recounted Delta’s carbon footprint minimization efforts, and added, “I think you’re going to see us becoming more of an active voice in the conversation in the coming year.”
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Lori Bassani, President of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA), will become the third consecutive APFA President to step down due to intense conflict with the union board. Bassani and the union’s three other national officers- the vice president, secretary, and treasurer- have all decided to step down after completion of their current term . At issue among members are union finances, with bases required to cut expenses by 37%, including spending on arbitration and grievances.
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Mammography is a critical tool in early detection of breast cancer and Delta Air Lines leads the way in making it more convenient for employees with mobile mammography. Delta Air Lines General Manager, Global Health & Wellbeing Jae Kullar said, “The flexibility and convenience…shows our focus on wellness and supporting healthy Delta people.”
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Years of experience flying customers long haul between the UK and the USA, taking in customer feedback to shape the new service alongside comprehensive testing and dedicated staff, means Delta’s Main Cabin enhancements set a new standard to be enjoyed by customers.
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Hawaiian Airlines flight attendants voted to authorize a strike following 3 years of unsuccessful contract negotiations. Flight attendants’ union AFA routinely threatens CHAOS — Create Havoc Around Our System — which involves unpredictable spot strikes. A strike or other similar activity like CHAOS would be illegal unless the National Mediation Board (NMB) releases the parties.
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The last surviving DC-7B plane, newly acquired by the Delta Flight Museum, made a low-altitude flight of 9,500 ft from the Arizona desert to Georgia on Sunday, November 17th. The historic plane, after operating as part of Delta’s fleet from 1957 to 1968, had been used to fight fires on the West Coast before retiring to desert storage in 2008.
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For the ninth consecutive year, Delta earned the top overall score from corporate travel buyers and agents, leading in every individual category measured in the survey. Delta’s scores increased year over year in five categories, including our strongest category—quality of customer service.
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The revamped main cabin service is a game-changer for economy fliers and firmly puts Delta into the top-tier of main cabin options for long-haul travelers. The cabin crew-led improvements helped to make it feel that my vacation was starting sooner, and while I can’t say for sure that it’ll be enough to stop me snatching a budget airline deal when I see one, the new Delta option will certainly be at the top of my list when I book long-haul travel from now on.
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Delta Air Lines became the first major airline to offer a carbon-offset program in 2007. The program works to offset the environmental impact of flights by encouraging passengers to support their choice of Nature Conservancy projects benefiting the atmosphere. Other airlines offering carbon-offset programs include United, Jetblue, Alaska Airlines, Air Canada, and Icelandair.
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Union contract negotiations grew increasingly ferocious at American and Southwest. Both airlines sued their mechanics unions in court after operational disruptions and several years of stalled negotiations. Despite receiving raises at the end of 2018, American pilots and flight attendants won’t get a raise this year without a new contract. Neither will flight attendants at Southwest.
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And after ten years, annual pay is a mere $31,900. The 300 AFA-represented flight attendants at Air Wisconsin last saw a pay increase in 2007 and have been in mediation for a new contract since 2016.
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